Dreamy Mountains In Nepal

Dreamy Mountains In Nepal

‘The comforts of the west are certainly missing in Nepal’ states Britta Schroeder, a volunteer from Colorado, U.S. But despite living on rice and sleeping at a straw bed for 4 weeks, she wouldn’t have traded her adventures as an International Volunteer Network (GVN) volunteers for whatever.

Britta Schroeder had always had an obsession with the Himalayas after hearing her dad’s period in Nepal as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Britta had volunteered in Ecuador annually before, also this season, picked Nepal, to be able to see a mountain that was constant in her fantasies. Additionally, these more helpful hints gave her the chance to actually connect with all the Nepalese people, and help contribute to their own fighting community.

Nepal is home to the stunning Himalayan mountain range that comprises eight of the world’s ten highest peaks such as Mt Everest, and of course spectacular wildlife and scenery. However, its beauty is marred by the massive suffering of the Nepali men and women. Nepalese children spend their lives living beneath a veil of instability. Maoist rebels have been waging a campaign against the constitutional monarchy in a battle that has left more than 12,000 people dead because it started in 1996. Nepal is among the world’s poorest countries, and it is frequently made worse with the Maoist rebellion. 40 percent of the Nepalese people live beneath the poverty line, and the two young and older suffer from poor healthcare, higher pollution levels and insufficient education systems.

The promotion surrounding Nepal’s present political unrest feared Britta initially, but she stated that she throughout her encounter she’s never feared for her safety. The majority of the battle was located from the East and West, and also she had been stationed at the center. ‘I certainly think it’s secure for volunteers’, she says, reflecting on her expertise.

‘GVN took care of everyone, and constantly let everybody know what was going on constantly.’


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